When you think about devices that relate to hypertension or high blood pressure, primarily you would think about blood pressure monitors, or at least thats what would come to my mind automatically. In doing my research I stumbled upon this unique device called RESPeRATE Ultra. This is a device that reduce hypertension naturally. Most persons with Hypertension want to normalise their pressure by natural mean, and this device promises to do just that. Lets take a look at this device.

Product Details

Price: $314.95 (retail)

Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Size of Container: 1.6 pounds

Guarantee: 1 Year Warranty from the day of purchase, however a three year warranty can be purchased for more benefits.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Item model number: Ultra Single/RR152


What you need to know about the RESPeRATE Ultra

This device is designed for the purpose of the Reduction of High Blood Pressure by natural means. This is achieved through the power of guided breathing techniques. This means that the device guides and instructs you to follow a particular breathing pattern that, over time, reduces high blood pressure.

You may be wondering how this is possible. It has been proven that breathing techniques can help to reduce high blood pressure and this device coaches you with your breathing to do just that. The RESPeRATE Ultra harnesses the power of slow paced breathing, along with prolonged exhalation in a manner that is hard to achieve on your own. This device is FDA cleared, non invasive and does not require the use of any drugs. It is also recommended by the American Heart Association and is used by over 250,000 persons.

Components and Methodology.

The RESPeRATE Ultra is comprised of three (3) components that work together to achieve the desired result of lowering high blood pressure. These three components are:

  1. A computerized Unit: This is the main piece of equipment and is where the breathing sensor and earbuds are connected to. This piece of equipment does the coaching, as well as records the readings from the breathing sensor.
  2. A breathing sensor: This is connected to a belt that straps around the body between the chest and the abdomen. It records the breathing patterns and sends the information to the computerized unit where the information is represented on a screen.
  3. A pair of earbuds: Just like any other earbuds, this is used for listening purposes. When the earbuds are connected to the computerised unit, you use them to listen to the coaching provided by the unit.

Pros and Cons for the RESPeRATE Ultra

Nothing in life is perfect, there is always good and bad that goes along with a particular thing. Here are some pros and cons for the RESPeRATE Ultra:


  • This device utilizes the natural means of breathing to help to reduce high blood pressure.
  • It has been clinically tested, FDA approved and recommended by the American Heart Association.
  • It does not require the use of any drugs.
  • it is and unique device and is the only device i know so far that is designed for the specific purpose of lowering high blood pressure.
  • lower high blood pressure within a few weeks with at least four (4) 15 minutes sessions per day.


  • At a price of $314.95 it is considered to be somewhat pricey.
  • This product only ships in the United States of America and is not for international shipping.
  • Warranty is limited based on shipping options

My thoughts on the RESPeRATE Ultra

For anyone that is looking for a way to lower hypertension of high blood pressure by natural means, I beleive that this is a great option to utilise. I use to do breathing exercise a long time ago and i found it to be somewhat relaxing back then. I beleive that the breathing exercise that this device coaches you with your breathing and will bring down hypertension or high blood pressure.

An added BONUS is that this device, Having trouble sleeping, look no further. The RESPeRATE Ultra is a great sleep again that is guarteed to put you to bed when you are having trouble sleeping.

Get yours today and lower your pressure today.

Leave a like and a comment and let me know what you think about this device.

  1. Fascinating information. I did not realise that such a device was available. I will be sharing this with my relative who has high blood pressure.

  2. Thanks Derval, I really enjoyed reading your article on the natural way of relieving Hypertension through slow-breathing exercise. And, as far as what it cost is all relative, if it truly works, the three or so dollar cost is well worth it, as far as I’m concern! I know slow breathing exercises are good for many health issues, so it’s a great concept!

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