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I can just imagine how you felt when you went to the doctor’s office, whether for a checkup or you were just not feeling well and felt the need to find out what was happening to you, and the doctor tells you that your blood pressure is very high and you have hypertension. Probably it felt like it was the end of the world or it was a death sentence. I have been in the same position, and I am here to tell you that after hearing those words, life goes on. There is life after hypertension, it is not the end of the world.

Finding out you have Hypertension.

Let’s back track to before the doctor’s visit. You would have been living your life, going about your business, thinking all is well, not know that behind the scenes, deep in your body, this problem has been growing and growing more and more out of control. The sad part is that majority of the time most person don’t find out until it’s too late. For others, they may find out early when they go to the doctor to do a checkup, and for some, like me, you may find out when something bad happens to you and you have to go to the hospital. Yes, I am talking from experience.

I was at work one night and got injured and had to be taken to the hospital. While being treated for my injuries, I was told by the doctor that my blood pressure was so high, that they would have to admit me until the pressure went down. They put me on observation for a few hours to see if it would go down but it didn’t. The thought of spending the rest of the night at the hospital terrified me. All i could think about was going home to my wife and child. Sometime after, the doctor decided to give me a pressure pill to see what would happen. Not long after taking that pill, my pressure started to go down.

I was diagnosed with hypertension and prescribed pills for the pressure and sent home. After leaving the hospital, a million thoughts flashed across my mind. Was this the end for me? How long did i have left? Where to go from here? The biggest question of all though was, “What caused this to happen to me?”

What Causes Hypertension

Some may say that the trauma of my accident was what cause my pressure to go up, and that may be true, but when your pressure is over 130/80 that is definitely cause for concern. the fact of the matter is that hypertension is cause from a combination and buildup of a series of events or factors. Some of these factors are:

1. Lack of Exercise.

2. Work Environment.

3. Type of Job.

4. Caffeine.

5. Insufficient Sleep.

6. Bad eating habits

How do these factors cause Hypertension?

Let me say that there are quite a few more factors that can cause hypertension, however we are going to focus on the ones that have been listed above. Starting at #1 is Lack of Exercise.

Lack of exercise is one of the most common factors to consider which will cause hypertension. a person that does not exercise and is not active tends to put on more weight than an active person. More weight means that the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the body which mean more force being exerted by the blood on the blood vessels which equals to a high blood pressure. Becoming more active can actually help to remedy hypertension, and if you take at least 10 minutes out of your busy schedule, you could drastically improve and lower your blood pressure and in the long run, get rid of hypertension. Exercising gives you a strong heart. A strong heart does not have to work hard to pump blood.

Work environment can also definitely lead to hypertension. When you work in a highly stressful environment, the stress that you go through tends to raise your blood pressure. Stress can cause the blood in the body to be pumped at a higher rate due to hormones that have been released in the blood stream. This will cause the heart to beat faster, hence a higher blood pressure.

Type of Job also place a key role in hypertension, and goes hand in hand with Work environment. There are some jobs that are considered to be high risk jobs and can lead to hypertension just because of the nature of the job. Some examples of these jobs are being a police officer, military, and security guard just to name a few. With these jobs, sometimes just going to work can raise your blood pressure.

Caffeine is an ingredient in some the most popular beverages consumed on a daily basic by people. Beverages suchcoffee as coffee and other beverages that have caffeine in them are consumed by some persons three to four times per day. Some researches believe tat caffeine increases the amount of adrenaline in your system and makes your arteries smaller which leads to a spike in high blood pressure.

Insufficient sleep is also considered a major factor in the cause of hypertension. The body requires at least eight (8) hours of sleep per day. When you shorten the number of hours you sleep, the body becomes overworked and has to work overtime to keep up with the activities that you take on every day. If the body has to work harder to keep up, then the heart has to work harder as well. If the heart is working harder, then the blood pressure will rise which can lead to hypertension.

Bad eating habits also plays a key role in a person developing hypertension. There are certain foods that when eaten, play a key role in the rise in a person’s blood pressure. Eating habits when linked with lack of exercise and inactivity, significantly increases the chance of developing hypertension. Eating habits such as the time that we eat, how often we eat, combined with what we eat is a recipe for disaster and will send your pressure sky high.

After being diagnosed with Hypertension

After being diagnosed with hypertension, you will find that life does not end here. Unlike other chronic illnesses, Hypertension can be lived with and can be remedied if caught early. If not caught early, it still can be remedied to an extent and there are many ways to ensure that you live a long life after being diagnosed.

The Bright Side

The bright side to be considered after the diagnosis of Hypertension is you still have life, and from there you have to make some serious life changes and stick by them. If your serious enough, your life changes can get rid of hypertension all together. Just know that it’s going to take hard work and dedication to turn your life around, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Please feel free to leave a comment, feedback or suggestion on this article and Let’s share thoughts, experiences and opinions on this topic so we can help those who are affected by this issue.


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