After being diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure, one of the advise that was given to me was that I need to check my pressure regularly. I thought that this meant that every time that I am to check my blood pressure, I had to visit my doctor to have this done. This would mean that I had an addition expense to think about because visiting the doctor obviously cost money. I was then introduced to the idea of getting my own personal blood pressure monitor to check my pressure for myself. This led me to look into blood pressure monitors for home use. Looking into this made me realize that there are so many options to choose from when it comes to this topic

Types to Consider

When looking for a blood pressure monitor for home, unless you have the required training, a manual blood pressure monitor would not be ideal. The digital monitors are definitely the way to go. When it comes to digital blood pressure monitors though, you have to first choose the type you want. There are three types you want to choose from, however we will be focusing on two. They are:

  1. Upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor: This digital blood pressure monitor is the most popular and most common of all three. With this device, the inflatable cuff is strapped on yo the upper arm in order to produce a reading. Majority of the blood pressure monitors out there are Upper arm Blood Pressure Monitors. They are considered to be the most accurate of all three types of Blood Pressure Monitors. Withe the advances in technology, these have been completely revolutionized as there are some that are wireless and connect to your phone to give you a reading, some that connect to you phone via Bluetooth and so many other features.
  2. Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: This is another type blood pressure monitor that has become very trendy and are marketed for persons’ on the go. These monitors do not utilize the conventional method of measuring your blood pressure as it is strapped to a persons’ wrist to measure their blood pressure. This type of monitor is not considered to be as accurate as the upper arm monitor and tends to be tricky in terms of proper position of your hand to generate an accurate reading, however if positioned correctly, you will get an accurate reading.

Top Four Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The following are my top four picks for Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors for home use.

  1. The Omron 10 Series Wireless Bluetooth home blood pressure monitorThis device allows you to access your readings from anywhere, anytime with a free Omron Wellness app that wirelessly connects to Android and Apple device. It also features graphs & trend charts to view your current and prior readings at a glance, or in a list view. This feature allows you to share your readings via email to you doctor as well as other family members. The 10 Series Wireless upper arm blood pressure monitor Easy-Wrap ComFit cuff will fit arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference. There is also something called the Omron TruRead Technology that takes 3 consecutive readings and calculates the average for a more accurate reading. The 10 Series Wireless also saves readings for 2 users, up to 100 readings each and utilizes an easy-to-read back light screen with extra-large digits and multi-colored indicator lights for easy to understand measurements and readings. When you trust your heart to Omron, you’ll be empowered by accuracy. Click Here to Purchase this Item for $61.04
  2. Omron Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor- Compatible with Alexa:  This innovative upper arm one-piece blood pressure monitor uses an exclusive heart health algorithm which offers advanced accuracy. It measures more data points and eliminates interference from movement for a more precise, clinically-accurate reading. They have eliminated the tubes and wires, making the Omron Evolve our most portable upper arm monitor ever. It is also sleek, with a contemporary design and highly intuitive controls which makes it easy to set up and use. The evolve wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to the Omron connect app on your smart device to track and store your readings over time. This device offers the capability to be used an unlimited amount of users as information is stored directly to the app. Click Here To Purchase this item for $69.93.
  3. A&D Medical Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-767F):  This device is a simple, easy to use device that has been clinically validated for accuracy. The device has an easy to read screen with a large start button which make it a good product for use by persons’ that don’t see so well. This product has a multiple user function and can be used by up to 4 users and stores up to 60 measurements for each user. Its upper arm cuff fits most arms and has a gentle inflation options. Click Here to Purchase this item for $54.99 with ac adopter and $42.99 without ac adopter.
  4. iProvèn BPM-2244BT with App for iPhone and Android:  This blood pressure monitor is equipped with both Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHB) and shock detection to make sure all the right conditions are met during measurement. Its upper arm cuff is large enough to fit most arm sizes. It can be used by two users and can store up to 60 measurements per user. It can also be connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth and a free app where information on readings can be shared easily. Batteries are included in this package as well as movement detection and back lighting. Click Here to Purchase the item for $44.99

Top Four Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The following are my top four picks for Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors for home use

  1. Omron 10 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: Omron blood pressure monitors are a #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand for home blood pressure monitoring. This
    device is said to offer ultra-silent inflation for quick and quiet measurements
    that can be taken anywhere, anytime with complete discretion. This wrist blood
    pressure monitor (BP653) packs a lot of technology into one slim, portable design
    with many functions to include Bluetooth technology, as compared to its larger
    tabletop models. With the 10 Series wrist monitor’s Bluetooth feature, you can
    track your readings on your smartphone with the free Omron Wellness app for
    select Apple and Android devices. The 10 Series wireless wrist blood pressure
    monitor also allows for the storage of up to 100 readings. Click Here to Purchase this product for $99.95
  2. iHealth Sense Fully Automatic Wrist Smart Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor for iOS and Android This device is easy to set up, clinically validated, medically accurate, smart wrist blood pressure monitor with multiple user functionality. Cuff Size: 5.3-8.7 inches circumference. This compact, elegant monitor works wirelessly with your smartphone and tablet (Apple iOS 8.0 or later, Kindle, Android 4.4 or later). The device fully integrates with the iHealth product family, allowing users to upload, store and share data and trends with family or doctor. There are many useful and unique features such as triple measurement averaging (iOS), reminders, trending graph and many more. Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels and heart rate with irregular heartbeat detection. Refer to the manual included with the product for further instructions. Click here to Purchase this Product for $28.99.
  3. iProvèn Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth – BPM-337BT-B: This device is FDA approved and has a compact design which allows this wrist monitor to easily fit in your bag, making it perfect to take with you on the go. It gives you the most comfortable user-experience. With the color indicators from the American Heart Association you’ll know immediately if your blood pressure is within the healthy range. There is also a free app that makes it even easier to keep a close eye on your health. In one chart, you will have an overview of the trends of your blood pressure. Click her To Purchase this item for $21.10.
  4. Veridian Healthcare Metallic Style Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor This device offers clinically accurate readings with an easy-to-read blue LED back lit display that shows systolic, diastolic and pulse readings simultaneously with date and time stamp Large, modern brushed-aluminum housing. It has a hypertension Indicator that provides an instant comparison to standards set by the World Health Organization. It also has an Irregular Heartbeat Detection indicator that alerts the user to an irregular heartbeat during measurement. It offers a fully automatic operation with a memory bank that stores up to 60 readings with average of last 3 readings. Its comfortable yet secure cuff fits wrist circumference: 5-1/2″ – 7-5/8″. Click here to Purchase this item for $39.43Click here to Purchase this item for $39.43

Final Recommendations

The Blood Pressure Monitors listed above are just a few of the many options out the. If I were to choose one of these devices for my home use, it would be hard to chose because these devices all have a good track record and are highly recommended. I would however go for an Upper Arm Monitor and my choices would be in this order:

  1. Omron Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor- Compatible with Alexa
  2. The Omron 10 Series Wireless Bluetooth home blood pressure monitor
  3. A&D Medical Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-767F)

Click on any of the above links and it will bring you to the product for purchasing.

Please leave a comment and Let’s start a discussion where we can share thoughts and ideas about Blood Pressure monitors.



  1. Hi Derval,
    Great choices at great prices. I really like the Omron Evolve, the design seems simple, with nothing to get tangled up. Add in saving the data in an app and being able to have unlimited users is a plus. Decent price, also.
    The iHealth Sense also looks like a great package, simple and compact. And a surprisingly low price.
    Thank you for the information!

  2. I’ve tried a couple of upper arm blood pressure monitors but haven’t found one that I liked. Omron seems to be the number one choice on reviews websites.

    • Hello,
      I would love to do my best to assist you. I dont know what types you have tried, or if you have tried any of the ones that i have listed. I dont know what it is about those monitors that you dont like, but you can try one of the ones that i suggested if you have not tried any as yet.

  3. Hi Derval,
    The article was very informative. We tried many arm blood pressure monitors for my grandmother but we didn’t find one that she liked. I think iHealth monitor will be a great choice for her!
    Thank you

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